Focus On: Moments of Recognition

The two most powerful words in the English language are “thank you!” A simple gift or act of gratitude can make all the difference in the world to someone. The people that make up every step of the business cycle yearn to be appreciated and recognized....

September 20th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Focus On: Moments of Recognition

Moments: Timeless Moments

In the quest for evolution and innovation, it’s easy to get caught up in trends and what’s new. But what’s new isn’t always what’s best.  Sometimes the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented. Sometimes if it isn’t broken, you shouldn’t try to fix it....

August 11th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Moments: Timeless Moments

Moments: Cherish Every Moment

Our lives are made up of a series of moments. They come and go like the wind, so it’s important to live in each one and cherish them whenever possible. This holiday season is going to be all about cherishing the moment; stopping to smell the flowers am...

July 17th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Moments: Cherish Every Moment

Moments: A Spotlight Moment

Content is king. You’ve likely heard that expression sometime in the last few years as endless streams of content flood your social media pages, email inboxes, and television airwaves. Content marketing is your chance to get your brand in the spotlight...

June 19th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Moments: A Spotlight Moment

Make it Personal This Holiday Season

Everyone knows that when it comes to holiday gifts, it’s the thought that matters most, and this is the year of personalization in the print and promotional products industry. Did you know that 62% of people prefer personalized gifts over costly store-...

June 15th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Make it Personal This Holiday Season

Moments: Never a Dull Moment

Print is everywhere! Print provides unlimited opportunities to reach your customers in ways that center around them. But the print industry has largely evolved in recent years, and new developments in the print arena mean there are even more chances to...

May 9th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Moments: Never a Dull Moment

Moments: The Future is Now

Advancements in technology have disrupted almost every industry, and the promotional product industry is no different. That’s why it’s essential to align yourself with companies who leverage advancing technology. This means businesses who are actively ...

April 13th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Moments: The Future is Now

Skip the Cardio

A few years ago, I worked with a life coach. We met once a month and talked about various business and life issues.  At the beginning of one meeting the coach asked me if I was still going to the gym and working out. It’s never good when someone h...

April 10th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Skip the Cardio

Moments: Clean and Green

Recycle, use less water, carpool, reduce your carbon footprint…these are all common examples of things the average person can do to help the environment. And while those are all good suggestions on an individual level, there is also space for eco...

March 9th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Moments: Clean and Green

Finding Fairways and Closing Deals

For decades, business and golf have gone hand in hand. The reason this tradition has transcended time is simple: there’s just no office equivalent for getting outside, riding around in a cart for hours with someone, and having fun while playing an este...

February 27th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Finding Fairways and Closing Deals

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